Roofing in Style: The Hottest Roof Colors Among Jonesboro Homeowners

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Jonesboro homeowners are not only concerned with the structural integrity of their homes but also with aesthetic appeal, especially when it comes to their roofs and how good they look. With an array of roof colors climbing the popularity ladder, selecting the perfect shade has become an essential aspect of home maintenance and style. Most roofs in the area are asphalt shingle roofs. Let’s dive into a few of the most popular colors, as well as how you can go about picking the right one for your roof.

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Stylish Hues on the Rise

Today’s top roof colors in Jonesboro reflect a blend of classic appeal and modern sophistication. Among the favorites are earthy tones such as taupe and forest green, which complement Jonesboro’s lush landscapes beautifully. These hues offer a timeless look that merges well with a variety of siding options.

Cooler tones are also making a wave among the stylish set, with homeowners gravitating towards blues and grays. These colors don’t just add a chic touch; they’re also ideal for reflecting the intense summer heat, contributing to energy-efficient homes.

Charcoal and black roofs have resurfaced, adding a bold touch to residential designs. These colors provide a dramatic contrast against lighter-colored exteriors, making a definitive statement of elegance.

popular roof colors, best roof colors, roof trends

Longevity and Clean Beauty

Choosing the best roof colors goes beyond mere trend-following. It’s about making a wise investment in a color that not only tops the roof trends list, but will also stand the test of time both in style and durability. Lighter colors tend to reflect sunlight, reducing heat absorption and potentially lowering cooling costs. Deeper, darker colors often come with UV-resistant advances, ensuring that the roof maintains its pristine color longer.

It’s important to consider the longevity of these colors. Some may fade slower than others, and innovations in roofing materials reduce fading, allowing your home to remain en vogue for years to come. 

The Professional Touch with Allstar Restoration Services

When it comes to needing help in choosing the right shade for your roof, Allstar Restoration Services is adept at guiding homeowners through the sea of popular roof colors. The choices Jonesboro residents make in their roof colors can significantly impact the resale value and curb appeal of their homes, and we are here to help.

The Color Consultation Process

Selecting the ideal color for your roof involves more than picking a trendy shade. Allstar Restoration Services provides insightful consultations to help determine which colors best match the architectural style of your home, the surrounding environment, and your personal taste.

During these consultations, factors such as existing colors on the home’s exterior, the color of neighboring homes, and the natural surroundings are all taken into account. This holistic approach ensures that your chosen color enhances the beauty of your property while also sitting comfortably within the Jonesboro aesthetic.

More Than a Roof

At Allstar Restoration Services, we understands that a roof is more than just a protective shell to your home; it’s yet another statement piece and focal point that reveals the homeowner’s personality and style preference. We approach each consultation and installation with the utmost precision and care, assuring that the final product is something that homeowners can take pride in.


Jonesboro’s popular roof colors are ranging from subtle and natural to bold and impactful, requiring a delicate balance between trend-awareness and personal preference. Engaging a professional service like Allstar Restoration Services ensures your roof is not only in vogue but also provides the protection and performance every homeowner needs. With their help, your home will not only track with current roof trends but will stand as a testament to class and quality for many seasons to come.